Here you will find cast member photos and locations of the Disneyland Resort in California


Recently i visited a website that was dedicated to the cast members and Characters of Disneyland.  The website was created and maintained by Britt Dietz.  This was his way of giving back to the cast members and characters of Disneyland. Unfortunately the site hasn’t been updated since 2008.  Feeling inspired by his work, I decided to create this blog.  This is my way of giving back to those people who make me believe I’ve been transported to a different place every time I visit the park.

For cast members that find this site, I will be placing the time and date of when the photos, this should make it easier to see if I had a chance to photograph you.  If for any reason you wish for me to remove a picture of you please let me know through the contact form.

The photos that are on these site belong to me and cannot be sold or reproduced without written permission.  So please contact me if you plan on using these pictures in any way.