Here you will find cast member photos and locations of the Disneyland Resort in California


Disney Princess Photo Photo Painting of Tiana at Disneyland

It has been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. I have plenty of material, yet I never seem to post it. Well that is about to change (at least with this post).

This past week I went to a book club meeting for the book “The Artisan Soul” by Erwin McManus. At the end of the meeting we were challenged to take 20-60 minutes to do something creative that we love.  After showing someone in the group the other Disneyland Photo Paintings I had done, she suggested I do another one.  I jokingly said, they asked for 1 hour not 5-10 hours.  So I thought, why not? I hadn’t done a photo painting since 2011 and I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed using Corel Painter.

The next thing was to find the image that I wanted to use, and immediately a series of photos came to mind.  In 2012 on my birthday I went to Disneyland and decided to stand in line for the Princess meet and greet.  Tiana was the third princess in line. so at that point she was still waiting for the first guests to her.  When she noticed I was taking pictures she decided to do some posing.  I ended up choosing the one you see pictured below.

For the first time, I will be posting an image from each major step.  The whole process took about 10 hours at a leisurely pace while the office played in the background.

Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Original

Out of all the photos in the series, this was the one selected in it’s original state

Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Concept

For The first time I decided to do a huge change to the original image. My concept was to make this a nighttime scene. I wanted it to be in the spirit of the scene where Tiana is on the balcony, right before she meets the frog.



Even though I love the original image, I could really do without the railing in front of her. So I decided to remove it in Photoshop and roughly reconstruct the bricks.


Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Texture and Contrast

An important part of the photo painting process is to create more highlights and shadows. Though her dress has amazing detail, all that would be lost in the photo painting process and it would all blending into one color. All the steps up to this point were done during my lunch hour utilizing photoshop


Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Background

This is a screenshot of the background that was created through automatic and manual touches. This is the first image that contains work that was done using Corel Painter.


Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Objects

This step covers the props in the foreground. Both the lamps and the bricks were painted. While Tiana is still as she was in Photoshop.


Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Tiana Painted

If this image was not going to be converted into a night time image, this would be the last step. Tiana and her dress have been completed in this step and it no longer has the texture of a photograph. I decided not to paint it at night in case I liked the daytime version better.


Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Painting Complete

This is the final product. The image was brought into Photoshop and it was transformed from a day picture to a night scene.


Disney Princess Tiana at the Disneyland Resort - Painting Complete Full size

I have also included a full size image, in case you would like to download it or view it up close. Click on the image to see it larger then right click and save the image


I had forgotten how much I enjoyed photo painting.  I will probably start another one in a few weeks.  Please let me know which character you would like to see next: Mulan, Jasmine, Pocahontas or Tinkerbell.

If you wish to see the previous post on photo painting you can find it here: Photo Paintings – Dinsey Princesses – Disneyland

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Disneyland May 10th 2012 – Jedi Training & Soundsational Parade

My Cousin was visiting from Brazil, so i had to take him to Disneyland.  We were able to ride all the major rides.  The very first picture is him in (behind) a nice suit of Armor. It had been a while since i had seen the Jedi Training Academy, i’m just never in tomorrow land when it’s going on. But it was fun seeing the kids getting overly aggressive trying to take down darth vader or when they are instructed to duck they don’t but it doesn’t matter because they are so short.  I know if a kid goes wild on darth vader, i know the padding will absorb the blows, but Darth Maul is another story.

I also found an almost perfect spot for taking pictures of the parade, i didn’t get anyone in front of me, but it was right next to a walk way so between some of the floats i couldn’t take pictures of them approaching. Next time i’ll try the other side of the walkway.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, if you know anyone in these photos i would be more than happy to get them a full resolution copy.

Update: I just realized that i never published this post. Better late than ever.

Soundsational Parade and Electronica – August 30th 2011

This was my last chance to see ElecTRONica (or so i thought), because it was supposed to end on Labor day. Even though i was starting to feel sick, I had to see laser-man one last time (unfortunately i was watching it rather than taking pictures)

But since i got there early i decided to head into Disneyland, right when the Soundsational Parade was going on, so i took some pictures of that as well. It was also the first time i had seen the new entrance to California Adventure, so i had to take some pictures of that as well.

First Showing of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade at the Disneyland Resort May 27th, 2011

Since i had the day off, i decided to go and see the new parade.  These pictures are of the very first time the Soundsational Parade was shown to the public.  I got there about an hour before the show and i got a great place, why? well it’s because i was in the hot baking sun, the other side of Main Street was full of people in the shade.  I’ve also included some pictures of cast members keeping us entertained while we waited for the parade to run though.

Disneyland First timers, how firends and family experienced Disneyland

In late summer i had some cousins and great friends visit beautiful Southern California.  Since neither of them had been to Disneyland i was their guide.  I do have to say we were blessed when it came to crowds. Even though we went on Friday and Saturday the lines were almost non existent.  My friends and I was able to hit most of the main attractions for both parks in a single day. My cousins spent two days at the park, which made it a bit more laid back, but we also had a two year old.  With the two year old i became aware (and a big fan) of the child swap program, that allows one person to stay with the child while the other goes on the ride.  That person can go back and ride it at any time that day.

I’ve included the two slide shows i made for them to remember that day.