Here you will find cast member photos and locations of the Disneyland Resort in California

Disneyland May 10th 2012 – Jedi Training & Soundsational Parade

My Cousin was visiting from Brazil, so i had to take him to Disneyland.  We were able to ride all the major rides.  The very first picture is him in (behind) a nice suit of Armor. It had been a while since i had seen the Jedi Training Academy, i’m just never in tomorrow land when it’s going on. But it was fun seeing the kids getting overly aggressive trying to take down darth vader or when they are instructed to duck they don’t but it doesn’t matter because they are so short.  I know if a kid goes wild on darth vader, i know the padding will absorb the blows, but Darth Maul is another story.

I also found an almost perfect spot for taking pictures of the parade, i didn’t get anyone in front of me, but it was right next to a walk way so between some of the floats i couldn’t take pictures of them approaching. Next time i’ll try the other side of the walkway.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, if you know anyone in these photos i would be more than happy to get them a full resolution copy.

Update: I just realized that i never published this post. Better late than ever.

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