Here you will find cast member photos and locations of the Disneyland Resort in California

This Photo painting has been in the works on and off since early 2015.  Granted it has been off more than on.  But I decided to finally get this one done so I can wrap it up.  This is also the first collage style photo painting I’ve done, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The first thing I made was the map area.  My original idea was to make it in the style of the of the characters in the background (Pocahontas, Mulan, etc).  If I had continued at that style I would have finished much sooner.  My idea was to have the stage and place characters at different moments of the show, That included all the characters by the map, the trumpet player and King Louie.  But there was too much open space and I realized I would not be able to fit as many characters as I wanted without it looking too crowded on stage while leaving the majority of the painting without anything by the stage.

When it came time to do the painting for King Louie, I didn’t like the way he looked using the same technique I used in the back.  One of the reasons was that he was much larger and much closer to the front of the stage.  At that point I decided to paint people that were closer with my standard photo painting technique. and decided to fill the frame with more performers.

Many of the people that are in this photo painting are part of the first cast I saw perform this show. I wanted to feature the one in the top left because I had always liked her smile during the show. both the trumpet player and Sebastian were also from that original saw, and I wanted to make sure that I featured them.

I have to admit that I got lazy, I started working on the background but it was extremely tedious, and I knew that I would just end up shelving it again, so the background was mostly auto painted with just a few adjustments made after the fact.

I truly enjoyed this show.  If you ever have a chance to watch this show when it’s dark, it is worth it, the colors seem even more vibrant.  So if you are going to disneyland in the winter, make sure to catch the last show of Mickey and the Magical Map.

As always you are free to reproduce and share this picture for personal use.  I don’t own the rights to these characters and scenes, so this image may not be sold in any way.  There will also be a link for the full resolution version, in case you want to make a print or put it on canvas.



Right click here to save the full size file

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