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Sleeping Beauty Photo Painting. Aurora finally makes her debut

Original Photograph of Aurora

I have been a Disneyland Annual Passholder for many years now, yet I have hardly seen Aurora around the park. I find this Ironic since it’s her castle that marks the entrance into Fantasy Land.

So a few months ago, I finally had a chance to take a picture of Aurora, it was in princess fantasy faire and outside. Even though they have improved the lighting in the meet and greet, nothing the lighting outside is always better.

This was a new technique I tried out mainly using photoshop, even though I used Corel Painter for a few touches. I like the result, but I still need more practice using the photoshop techniques.

Princess Aurora, Disneyland California

Original Photograph of Aurora

This is the original photograph after some enhancements that prepared it for the photo painting process.

Details - The Crown

Details – The Crown

The Crown was the most time consuming process.  In many cases I would have simply blended it all together, and given it a cleaner and simpler look.  But I really liked the thorns in the design.  I had never really noticed it until i started this painting.  This was possible with the new Photoshop Painting technique I used for this Photo Painting of Aurora.  It would have been virtually impossible to do this with any of the previous techniques I knew in Corel Painter.

Princess Aurora, Disneyland California

Details – Dress and Hair

This Picture gives a more detailed look at her dress and hair.

Princess Aurora, Disneyland California

Completed Photo Painting of Aurora

This is the final Product, I hope people enjoy it.

you may also download the full size fully reproducible photo here: Full Size Princess Aurora Photo Painting (Right Click and Save)

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March 25th, 2011 – Characters & Locations – Disneyland and California Adventure

Tron Programs

This was a day of many firsts.  I had never seen Jasmin with Aladdin at Aladdin’s Oasis.  It was also the first time i saw  Cruella de Vil and Peter Pan (not together) walking around the park.  It was also great seeing one of the amazing artists at work at the “Off The Page” Store in California Adventure.

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